How do I access the Hard Rock Pin Catalog?

You can find it here on hobbyDB.

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Are the Pin Masters and the HR Club still involved?

Most certainly. The Pin Masters will continue to maintain the catalog to ensure it is as up to date and accurate as possible. Also still involved, the Pin Master Advisory Board. This group oversees the Pin Masters and ensures new locations, pin groups, catalog entry standards, and other information about the pins and catalog are conveyed to the Pin Master membership so they can assure the catalog’s accuracy. As new Hard Rock locations open around the globe, the Pin Master Advisory Board searches for new Pin Masters to oversee that portion of the catalog.

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Will Hard Rock still produce pins?

Most definitely. Be on the lookout for new pins coming out all the time!

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Can I still buy pins on the Hard Rock website or cafes?

You can indeed!

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Who is hobbyDB

Based in Boulder, Colorado and powered by collectors worldwide, hobbyDB is building a giant database of every collectible ever made – from diecast cars to action figures to pins to corkscrews. As a team they had a vision of creating a free resource which documented everything, bringing together data on the most popular – and the most obscure and so far undocumented – collectibles ever made. Why did they want to do this? So they could preserve it all for posterity, providing free, accurate information to everyone! With many detailed data points on each and every item, it’s easy for anybody to expand their collectibles knowledge with hobbyDB.

It’s also more than just a place to research, browse and reminisce. The database powers a collection management system where users can upload images and record data about their own collectibles to keep track of them.

There is also a marketplace where users can list their items for sale with just a few clicks, build wish lists and receive alerts when stuff they want to buy goes up for sale.

It’s a whole collectible ecosystem!

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Will the catalog now feature other Hard Rock merchandise?

Yes! We have started adding other items  –

  • Logo Magnets
  • Alternative Magnets
  • City T Magnets
  • City Skyline Magnets
  • Event Magnet
  • City Shot Glass
  • Logo Shot Glass
  • Flag Logo Shot Glass
  • Event Shot Glass
  • Hurricane Glass
  • Pilsner Glass
  • Flag Logo Pilsner Glass
  • Brown Hoodie Bear
  • Panda Hoodie Bear
  • Herrington City Bear
  • Zippo Lighter

Visit hobbyDB to learn more about their mission and find out how to get involved.

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Other Questions?

Questions in regards to the catalog are best asked to hobbyDB.  If you have questions in regards to orders from Hard Rock or any other Hard Rock related matters please ask us HERE

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Visit the Hard Rock Cafe Pin Catalog